Ms ZiYou inflation

Inflation – Friend or Foe?

This week economists were surprised when inflation was lower than expected at 2.4%. And this started me thinking about inflation as a concept, was it good, bad or even necessary? As a child I used to think inflation was all good – I assumed everyone has a bigger mortgage than their savings. And yes, that’s […]

Ms ZiYou money and happiness

Correlation between money and happiness

Lately, I seem to be writing a lot of posts about money. I’ve covered net worth updates for June 2018, my investment portfolio and why $1m net worth is not enough for me to retire. But despite all those words about money, I don’t actually believe money is the key to enjoying life. Money doesn’t equal […]

Ms ZiYou Accidental Environmentalist

An accidental environmentalist gets more devout

I never thought I’d be the person to become an eco-warrior. Yet nowadays I frequently am concerned about the environment and the legacy we are leaving future generations. It was not always this way. But somehow, over the past years, I’ve become more and more worried about our impact on the earth. Perhaps I could be […]