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UK FIRE Bloggers Directory 2019

Hello and welcome all to the 2019 UK FIRE bloggers directory where I refresh the 2018 list.

I’m adding in new UK FIRE blogs, graduating those that have now reached FI and saying goodbye to those blogs that are now dead.

Firstly, let’s make sure we are on the same page. What are UK FIRE bloggers?

UK FIRE bloggers

Are a subset of UK personal finance bloggers. FIRE bloggers are people who are charting their progress to early retirement or financial independence. Known by the acronym FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early – these bloggers are like me saving and investing a larger than average proportion of their income so work becomes optional in the future. Some of us dream of travelling and adventure, others want to pursue more creative or voluntary pursuits, once we don’t have to work for money anymore.

We’ve all got our own plans to get there, with much variety in investment approaches visible – however index investing and real estate are solid favourites amongst the tribe. Many of us follow the 4% rule, or a more conservative approach, investing enough that we can live on 4% of our total invested assets. Others have real estate holdings that generate rental income which covers their living expenses.

On the expenses and spending side, we FIRE bloggers skew towards the frugal, with annual expenses around the £30k mark being common. Blogger to blogger this number varies from leanFIRE (generally <£20k) to fatFIRE (>£90k). And some people are supporting families on these numbers, and some individuals –  the devil is in the detail.

Diversity of FIRE Bloggers

One of the main criticism of the FIRE bloggers is that we are not accessible or relatable. However I’d recommend having a look through the listings below, and you are likely to find at least one FIRE blogger you have things in common with.

I’m including everyone on the journey, from those at the Spark stage, thinking about FIRE, to the majority on the journey, and even a few that have made it to the work optional stage as an inspiration for us (or a cautionary tale of one more year syndrome).

However, I am only including FIRE or FI blogs, not other personal finance specialities, such as frugality,  entrepreneurship, work at home or family finance-focused blogs.

Now if you are thinking of starting becoming a new FIRE blogger to document your journey, please do! We need more diverse people in the community, and for people at all stages of the journey to start sharing their progress and talking openly about money.

People who have reached FI

Cracking Retirement

Erith retired at 56, and blogs about her investments and enjoying retirement from working life.

Dossers’ Diary

Meet Jo 47, who has dossing for quite some time now. Mark, 53,  joined the party in 2011. Not liking the response when they say they are FI – so they are both dossers,

The Escape Artist

He has made it out from his self-described prison camp and retired at 43, now enjoying his freedom

Financially Free by 40

Huw achieved FI at 34 from kindle publishing and inherited property. He writes about his goals and progress in  Personal Development, Finance and Fitness.

I Retired Young

David retired young at 47 as he had fallen out of love with his job. His blog chronicles his adventures and advice for those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Retirement Investing Today

Follow RIT’s epic journey of one more year and his plans to find the perfect retirement spot.

Sex Health Money Death

Jim chronicles his early retirement, then his return to the workforce here.

Simple Living in Somerset

Ermine runs a long-standing blog on living on less and enjoying not having to work – originally in Suffolk now in Somerset.

FIRE vs London

Sometimes I find his blog how the other half live, other times I’m riveted by the alternate investing ideas. Either way, it’s a great read and insight into a high net worth individual.

Graduations in 2019 to FI

FIRE the 9to5

A 40 something single parent, retired in the last year. Congratulations on this epic milestone.

People – like me – on the journey to FI

3652 days

An interesting perspective on high earners, taxes and lifestyle.

Banker on FIRE

A self-declared investment banker’s creative outlet to help others build wealth faster and reach financial independence.

Cashflow Cop

A serving police officer, documenting his way to FI.

My Deliberate Life

32 year old in Northampton journaling to FI and deliberate living.

Early Retirement Guy

Guy graduated not that long ago, and has managed to cram a lot in, travel and buy a house so far. He’s not planning to work for 40 more years, so is saving money while enjoying life.


Bec lives with her British husband and daughter in the beautiful, green, rolling hills of Somerset. Through the blog, she shares what they have learnt in pursuing Financial Independence and Intentional Living.

The FIRE Shrink

DINKs in their 30’s working towards financial independence.


Journalling a change from living it up to saving for retirement.

The FIREstarter

Long-standing FIRE blogger on a journey to FI on a moderate income.

The FI Journey

Chris shares his thoughts, ponderings and feeling about my journey through Financial Independence and life in general.

FI UK Money

A married couple in their 40s with 6 kids, aiming to retire in 8 years and also set their kids up on the FIRE path.

Fretful Finance

FF shares her goal in life: to retire as early as possible and spend days swanning around vineyards, drinking wine, eating cheese and doing cryptic crossword puzzles.

Foxy Monkey

Michael blogs about life hacking, and topics such as personal finance, investments, savings and occasionally, career stuff. He aims to escape the day job and retire early in 5-7 years.

Gentleman’s Family Finances

GFF journals about his family and their approach to money and financial freedom.

GrizGal on FIRE

GrizGal is mid 40s and lives in the southern UK. She documents her families approach to early retirement.

Little Miss FIRE

Making the first steps towards FIRE, and blogging the process.

Money Doesn’t Talk, It Swears

FIRE Blog from an atypical pursuer of FIRE who talks about their imperfect past.

Money for the modern Girl

Sonia shares her journey to financial independence.

The Next Chapter

A couple documenting their journey getting to where they want to be.

One Million Journey

Join Tony as he journeys towards one million euros (but he is based in the UK).

Path to Life 2.0

Financial Independence via an early-midlife gap year.

Playing with FIRE UK

35-year-old London based male, sharing his FIRE progress and wisdom he encounters along the way.

Pursue FIRE

Dan,  42, is pursuing FIRE as “I want to spend my time with people I love, doing things that really matter”.

Quietly Saving

Weenie is a fabulous role model, a SINK who paid off all her debts at 40 and now aims to retire by 2025, while also enjoying life and drinking good beer.

Saving Ninja

A very active blogger who documents his progress towards FI.

Sassenach Saving

A journal style blog documenting FI journey with kids.

The Saving Journey

31-year-old aiming to be FI by 45, and blogging from a woman’s perspective on this journey.

A Simple Life

Ideas for simple living, saving money and being well

The Squirreler

50 something married an childfree woman squirrelling money away for financial independence.

Tuppenys FIREplace

A captivating story from her journey as a teenage mum, to now trying to find a place to retire to in the UK.

UK Girl on FIRE

FIRE from a younger perspective – from a university student already following the movement.

A Way To Less

A professional couple in Northern England documenting their journey to financial freedom and living a life less cluttered.

Graveyard of no longer live blogs in 2019 – Rest in Peace

And here we have our own UK FIRE graveyard. Where the UK FIRE blogs that are no more live.

Young FI Guy

He came to FI accidentally but is making the most of it.

Somethings Don’t Change

Slow Dad shares his philosophy and how he became financially free by 40.

Fork My Crumble

45-year-old looking to retire by 50, and on a journey to make it happen.

The FIRE Engine

A healthcare professional looking to save funds for future sabbaticals or part-time working to pursue adventures and expositions – a noble goal.

Quitting Teaching

Aiming to retire before 50 from teaching.

Can we grow the UK FIRE movement?

As you can see above, there are many different UK FIRE bloggers, and I hope you can find someone that you click with. I’d also encourage you to read a few bloggers where your opinions differ and use as an opportunity to learn from another perspective. You don’t have to agree or change your stance but just listen to the journey from their walk in their mocassins.

I always take the opportunity to learn from people ahead of me on the journey. I use this as a way to understand their challenges and wins.  Hence I can be more prepared when I get to their stage of FI. Additionally, I also feel it’s critical I also provide encouragement and give support to those following behind me.

We’re all on the journey together.

Over to you

  • What are your thoughts?
  • Have I missed any UK FIRE bloggers?
  • Do you follow many other UK FIRE bloggers?
  • Do you like to follow people at the same stage of the journey as you?

Thank you for reading – please leave a comment below and join in the conversation. You can also connect on Twitter or contact me privately.

8 comments on “UK FIRE Bloggers Directory 2019

  1. Hi Ms. ZIYou, wow that is an extensive list! Thank you for taking the time to send a shout-out for all those folks, and help get their blogs better known. For what it’s worth, you’re the only UK-based FIRE blog I follow – I started following you to see what FIRE looks like in Europe, as I have a sister in France whom I (secretly, she doesn’t know 😁) hope to convert. I think FIREing is much harder in Europe than in the US, since much of your retirement is paid for by your government through higher taxes, and as a result salaries tend to lower for comparable professions. And I couldn’t find any French FIRE bloggers (maybe I didn’t look hard enough?). Anyway, in the US I follow mostly people ahead of me (ie FIREd for many years) but also a few on the path as well, especially those who are female SINKs like me, since we’re so rare in this space 😊

    1. I do love your idea of trying to convert your sister! Sadly as my French is terrible I have never looked into those blogs as naturally they all blog in French.

      The UK vs the US for FIRE is an interesting comparison….there are so many variables of healthcare, tax rates and income levels. I’m not sure one is necessarily easier than the other – just different.

  2. Yes thank you Ms ZiYou for the time to manage this list and love that I am appearing on it, as a newbie.
    Am not sure there are FIRE but the only one blog I have spotted is but this could be one of your finance bloggers not FIRE.
    I will definately explore this list – thanks for the inspiration – I am interested in others, not exclusively women but I am interested in making sure I get content and inspiration from women as well as the many men about – I am interested in people not in financial services or high paying jobs. I have a good salary but by no means a high flyer!

  3. Thanks for compiling this list Ms ZiYou, there were a couple of new ones I hadn’t stumbled across before.

    It is fascinating to see how applying an “actively pursuing early retirement” lens really filters down the UK FI blogging scene.

    If you don’t mind me dropping a couple of links, your readers might also discover some new UK FI blogs from the curated directories below:

    The nice folks at FIREhub maintain a twitter list of UK FI bloggers who are on Twitter. It has 46 entries at the time of writing.

    I learned the other day that there is an actively curated UK FI blogger directory on the FIREUK sub-reddit. 83 entries.

    Between these three directories there should be a selection of relatable blogs catering to all tastes.

What do you think?