Ms ZiYou Ed Fringe 2019

A sneaky trip to the fringe

As someone who loves fringe theatre, it’s not a surprise I love getting to the Edinburgh fringe. After getting a whole week there last year, and planning a big Americas trip in late August. I wasn’t planning on going this year. Nonetheless I managed to sneak in a visit to the fringe in 2019, mainly […]

Ms ZiYou Fringe Posters

Spending money on what I love

As I write this week I am away exploring my passions for theatre and travelling. I’m enjoying spending time with friends at the Edinburgh Fringe. And spending money on what I love. Fringe theatre. Although I like to keep my spending low generally, I never skimp on things I love. Things that really bring me […]

Net Worth and other updates – February 2018

The first of the month can only mean one thing; time to update the spreadsheet and share net worth updates with you all. I’ll share the good times, so-so times and bad times, all under the thin cloak of an alias. So here is February’s review. How was February? So February, the shortest month of […]