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Sunday Short #9 – Finding Beauty

Welcome all, to the ninth Sunday Short. This week I’m trying something different, and going for the visual –  a post demonstrated by pictures on finding beauty. Do you believe a picture tells a hundred words?

Things I’ve been thinking about this week – Finding Beauty

Marvel, wonder and awe; all words we use to describe beauty. Yet for a very subjective concept, there are a lot of similarities in how we find beauty. What is your approach to finding beauty? Is it a conscious or unconscious action? And how many places do you find beauty? I believe one of the keys to happiness is enjoying life and appreciating our surroundings.

Do you find the classical beautiful?

Ms ZiYou Athens

What about religious buildings?

MsZiYou Cathedral

And what about street art?

Ms ZiYou Street art Lisbon

Or a mural of someone I admire, William Morris.

Ms ZiYou William Morris

Are you a more natural landscape lover? Views from the top of the mountain?

Ms ZiYou Scotland

Where are you personally finding beauty? Are you a fan of urban landscapes? Or countryside?

Week Review

The Sunday Short also features a review of the past week and some thoughts on the coming week.

Past week

  • Well, what has happened last week? I’m struggling to think of much on the memorable side, lots of catching up after my weekend away. Chores never go away.
  • Good news, getting some positive results from the massive batch of trustee applications I put in, and have a few interviews in the diary now.
  • And my legs were killing me after all the walking (and running) up the hills in London, so I gave them time to rest, and neglected by running back home.
  • However, I’m well on track to get to my target of 100 parkruns this year, with #80 done on Saturday. Doing well on the attending side, less well on the speed side.

And the coming week 

  • Got a trustee interview later in the week, looking forward to it, but need to get some preparation done in advance.
  • Aiming to get on the hardcore running bandwagon – the plan is running 6 days a week, and getting up early to fit this in.

Over to you?

  • Has it been a good week?
  • Any plans for next week?
  • How do you find beauty?

8 comments on “Sunday Short #9 – Finding Beauty

  1. I’m not an outdoors person so I was looking at your pictures of buildings and going ‘Yep, love these’ but then I saw the last one and I thought ‘ooh!’ – so perhaps I appreciate both, although buildings is probably ahead by a few points.

    I’m not religious but there’s something about churches and cathedrals which always have me in awe. I see them as ‘museums’ I guess.

    This weekend, the sun was shining again and I convinced myself it was as warm as it was last weekend. It wasn’t, and goose-pimples and bikinis don’t go together haha!

    Anyway, good luck with the trustee interviews.

    1. Hi Weenie – yeah, I also absolutely love buildings – and I think how lucky I am to work in the city of London with its amazing buildings. I like the idea of churches as museums, I think I treat them similarly.

      And that’s hilarious that you got your goose pimples out at the weekend! Summer will hopefully be with us soon. And thanks for the luck for the interview, I’m intrigued to see how it goes now, as I thought this one was a long shot.

  2. I remember, as a child, rolling my eyes when my mum and dad pointed out ‘things of beauty’ on trips out, and now I find myself doing the same to my children! I am turning into my mother but the older I can the more I think it’s no bad thing! With busy lives it’s so easy to miss all the things really worth taking time to look at- whether that’s street art, buildings or the nature and landscapes around us, but there’s something about things that are easy on the eye that can change your mood completely, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to be more mindful to them. Sadly most people have their heads down looking at their phones when they’re out-and-about and miss the free mood-boosters that surround them – I must admit it’s something I’ve been guilty of lots in the past, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to get my head up and my eyes working. Thanks for reminding me of this!

    1. Yes, I also sometimes wonder if I am turning into my parents – it’s scary how quicker we get older.

      And yes, I’m also guilty of being glued to the phone at times, and not appreciating the world around me.

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