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Sunday Short #6 – Nature for #EarthDay

Welcome all to the sixth Sunday Short, this week on Nature. A new format of post, this will be more personal and reflective, and much shorter than my usual blog posts.

Things I’ve been thinking about this week – Nature for EarthDay

Today we have some pictures as a reminder how awesome nature and the Earth is.

Ms ZiYou Orchard Blossom

Blossom is fabulous, I love the colours in this photo and the juxtaposition of the regimented orchard behind.

Ms ZiYou Nature - Pink flower

And flowers are just so majestic. What better than spring flowers to make us happy?

Ms ZiYou Daffodil

Not forgetting the late daffodils, which are still looking sunny and bring a band of cheer.

Ms ZiYou River

Now I also appreciate the less refined sides of nature, the real countryside. To be honest, I find it more natural than the planned and carefully curated horticulture.

Future of Earth

Now I want to keep this natural beauty for future generations. So here is what I am personally doing:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Using less water
  • Buying less stuff
  • Buying more used stuff
  • Driving less
  • Avoiding plastic where practical

Am I doing enough? Probably not, in all honesty. Yet I am taking more steps each and every year to minimise my impact on the environment.

Week Review

The Sunday Short also features a review of the past week, and some thoughts on the coming week.

Past week

  • It’s been a busy week of work and late nights. I’ve only been happy one day this week when the alarm went off, other times I have been tired, grumpy and really wanted to snooze.
  • However, some of those late nights have been awesome. Saw a great ballet and also a great opera – both with *strong* female lead roles. Which is quite unusual, as the canon tends towards to gentle, kind and feminine heroines. So refreshing and good fun to watch.
  • Failed on my running plan, have had a mild case of shin splints, so have reduced the running and spent a lot of time stretching. Not sure why this happened – long distances don’t give me them, but more frequent running (yet fewer miles overall did).

Gardening season progress

  • And the garden is coming on, the salad items I sowed outside are finally starting to come up. I love when the seedlings start to show their faces.
  • Yet the potatoes and broad beans are nowhere to be seen yet. Some patience is needed here.
  • But the seeds I sowed indoors are far too leggy, and a bit of a disaster to be honest. I will resow in the greenhouse and see if I can keep these seedlings alive, but it is not looking good.

And the coming week 

  • I’m getting a burst of enthusiasm for Chinese and debating doing the next test, the HSK 3 in May. It’s a big push, but I’m sure if I put in enough work I can pass it next month. So I’m going all in next week, so I can make a decision at the start of May whether to throw my hat in the ring.

Over to you?

  • What items have you been thinking about this week?
  • Has it been a good week?
  • Any plans for next week?
  • Have much do you for the environment?

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        1. Oh yeah, ballet is good.

          I do love the Nutcracker and Swan Lake, but there are also so many more amazing ballets out there. Some less traditional ones I love are Mayerling as a dark ballet, Raven Girl was creepy but awesome, there was an amazing dark Hansel and Gretel with them as paedophiles which was weird but deep. On the cheery side, Matthew Bourne’s versions are awesome, I loved his Sleeping Beuty and Swan Lake. I could go on but will stop now….

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