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Sunday Short #5 – Reframing

Welcome all to the fifth Sunday Short, this week on Reframing. A new format of post, this will be more personal and reflective, and much shorter than my usual blog posts.

Things I’ve been thinking about this week – Reframing

Tom cat looking majestic

I have been noticing a lot of people getting stuck on problems and getting hung up on issues, that whilst very annoying are not the end of the world. And when it is someone else’s problem, it’s very easy to see the solution. I have been quietly suggesting taking a stoic approach and only worrying about what they can control to a few people that are working through challenges.

But when it’s my own problem, I often struggle I more. Something that has helped me a lot this week is reframing. By looking at the issue from another angle, what do I see differently? Is the big problem really big? Is there scope to work around it? Do others really care about the things I imagine they care about?

I know it is a cliche, (and a good book if you have not read it), but I do believe the obstacle is the way. By taking the obstacle and turning it into a benefit rather than a hurdle, and responding accordingly the theory is you can achieve more than the orignal intent. And I’m trying to work these principles into my day to day life more and more, with the aspiration of becoming a stoic master one day.

Week Review

The Sunday Short also features a review of the past week, and some thoughts on the coming week.

Past week

  • What I’ve done this week: work, work and work some more. Even had to work Saturday, albeit from home.
  • I have purchased a fabulous new used camera. Which has spurred a desire to learn more, so I can advance beyond Full Auto mode, and play with all the buttons.
  • Cat photos will now feature everywhere on my blog, as who doesn’t love a good cat photo?
  • And when I got bored taking pictures of the cat, I moved onto the chickens. Turns out the cat is much easier to photograph and more fun to work with.
  • Finally I’ve successfully completed week one of my 6 runs a week 5k training plan. It is harsh only having one rest day, but as the distances are short (spoken as a marathoner) it seems bearable.

Gardening season progress

  • Most of the seeds have sprouted, I have been leaving them in the propagators as I’ve been mega busy and they seem ok. Need to get them moved on this week.
  • Outdoors is finally warming up, although none of my potatoes, beans or greens I sowed outside have shown face yet.
  • Shout out to my early rhubarb that is doing superb, this is it after two pullings so far this year.
  • My greenhouse has been partially cleared, just needs a wash and compost top up then it’s ready to use.
  • Gardening costs this week: £6 for a new min-max thermometer for the greenhouse.

And the coming week 

  • Have a few evenings out planned, so will be another busy week – out early, return late.
  • Let’s hope work quietens down, not sure I’m really up for another stressy busy one.

Over to you?

  • What items have you been thinking about this week?
  • Do you garden? If so, what do you grow?
  • Has it been a good week?
  • Any plans for next week?

2 comments on “Sunday Short #5 – Reframing

    1. Hi Angela, so agree on the ease of giving rather than taking advice. And I’m one who is much harder on myself than on others!

      And I love your approach to gardening!

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