Net Worth and other updates – June 2018 (+£3k)

And the first of the month rolls around; time to do my company books and my personal balance sheet. And they are both looking not bad this month, certainly not as good as the weather, but you can’t have everything.

How was June?

  • So how has it been generally? June has been fun; in contrast to May, I’ve been at home throughout. Catching up on all things home has been good for the month. Although I’m not convinced my cat loved having me around as much!
  • And boy, has the good weather continued. We are not used to such good summers in the UK, so it all feels a bit surreal, and we half expect the forecast to be joking each time they predict a week of sun.  I’m running out of stores of sunscreen, and my normally alabaster Celtic skin tone is looking rather tanned. And I’ve been spending as much time inside as possible.
  • I’ve bought a bike! Following my Should I get a Bike Post, I went all in, and am now a proud owner of bargain basement pedal cycle. And I have been going all in on #teambike. My first week looks as follows:
    • Day 1: 1 mile each way to supermarket & 6 miles ride
    • Day 3: 0.7 miles each way to station, 1 mile and 3 miles Boris bike ride
    • Day 5: 6 mile each way ride to a meeting
    • Day 7: 0.7 miles each way to station, 1 mile each way Boris bike ride
  • And so far so good, only one twat white van man came close to knocking me off. And Boris biking has shown me that cycling is actually not that hard or dangerous in central London.
  • But more importantly, my question is: How long will it take to break my ass in? My legs are fine, but my ass is less fine. I think I just need to give it time?


  • You know what? For the first month in over 5 years, I have not been to the theatre. This is absolutely shocking, and the realisation has me in shock. But you know what? Sometimes a change is as good as rest.
  • But rest assured I do have quite a few tickets for July, so normal service will be resumed. Let’s hope the theatre aircon is up to the task.


After May’s spending which was higher than normal due to the holidays, June’s has now come in under trend, and all looks good. The only big item that came up was the bike purchase. More importantly, my 12-month spending trend is looking good to maintain that 80% savings rate.

Show me the numbers

Volatility is the only constant in the markets for June. A lot of noise attributed to Trump’s Trade wars and the Brexit negotiation disaster that is becoming more apparent. With that being said, I am checking the markets less often and just keeping to the plan.

With that said, my figures for June (vs May) are:

  • Net Worth at £746k (+£3k)
  • FIRE fund up to £484k  (+£3k)
  • Which is 64% to the £750k target – still on track to FIRE in less than three years!

June is not a big income month, so I’m not expecting much here. Anything over £1.5k increase is a market increase, so even with the volatility, there has been upwards movement. I don’t mind the random walk, especially when the trend is upwards as expected. Overall good to see, although the pound is still looking very rocky.

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Over to you

  • How about you?
  • How has June been for you personally?
  • And numbers wise?


Thanks for reading – please leave a comment below and join in the conversation. You can also connect on Twitter. Looking forward to your thoughts and ideas – all are welcome. 

17 comments on “Net Worth and other updates – June 2018 (+£3k)

    1. Thanks Jane – yeah, not sure on the bike seat covers. There seems to be a suggestion they don’t actually help, so I’m not sure. I think I’ll try for a while and see if it just takes time – patience is not exactly my strong point!

  1. #s looking good here. Impressive bike stats. I had to google what boris biking is. I thought it was that govt official of yours with interesting hair & may be aggressive riding in the city of London. but looks like it’s a bike share company?

    1. Cheers coco. Yes, the bikes are named after that very divisive dude, who was London mayor when they were launched. They are the official London sharing bikes, which are all over the city. They are a great invention, such a good idea to get people cycling.

  2. White vans and Addison Lee drivers ? “This is [cycling] London my friend” .
    WRT aches make sure saddle height and pitch are Ok, such that you are sitting on your sit bones on the broad part of the saddle. If it’s your sit bones that ache, they’ll be fine soon, anything else pop into a bike shop (not Halfords) and ask. For short distances you shouldn’t be getting any pain.
    I’m enjoying that savings rate, nothing else says I’m actually serious quite the way a sustained 80% does, nice !

    1. Hi Nathan, I don’t think I come across that many Addison Lee drivers lately – did Uber not kill them off?

      Yeah, I’m going to have to do a lot of saddle evaluation – I think it is just under my sit bones, but it’s quite hard to tell.

      And yeah the high savings rate shows I mean business!

  3. June was pretty decent for the McFrugal household. Our biggest expense by far was paying my quarterly estimated taxes on June 15. We spent a few things on baby stuff. Didn’t eat out much and therefore didn’t spend much on food. I did win $500 in a giveaway contest on Twitter, so that’s awesome. Also, the weather has been good in Southern California too (it usually is). So I have been producing a lot of solar power and passive income through the sunshine, which I talk about in my latest post. Cheers! 🙂

    1. Hey Dr McFrugal – thanks for the reminder I need to pay my taxes – it’s every 6 months and called payment on account here. But I don’t include it in my spending or savings rate, as I don’t have an option not to pay them, and won’t be paying them in retirement.

      Congrats on the win, that’s a fairly decent prize. Solar energy and income, that sounds awesome.

  4. We don’t do monthly net worth updates but quarterly instead. Just tally up our net worth for this quarter and looks like we got about $40k gain in 3 months. Pretty good I think. 🙂

  5. Yay, you got a bike! And used the boris bikes. I understand from my mamil brother that the soreness will pass but you may have a few more weeks yet – sorry. June was a good spend month despite being on holiday for the first week. I haven’t even checked how our investments are doing, they are buy and hold so it doesn’t matter – they’re trackers so really nothing to look at other changing the numbers. They aren’t the first part of our FIRE fund usage, more the backup/big emergency fund so I only check them 6 monthly. Well done on maintaining your 80% savings rate, truly impressive.

    1. Hi Tuppeny, so I’ve got a few more weeks of a sore ass then it will get better? That’s what I wanted to hear, I can wait it out……

      And glad to hear you both went on holiday and had a good month financially, and love your approach to investment – just updating the numbers.

  6. Congrats on getting the bike:) Sounds a little painful.
    80% savings rate is impressive, so you are either extremely frugal or you make a ton of money or both! lol
    Great job either way:)

    1. Thanks Caroline – yes the bike does make the undercarriage a little delicate. I just need to grin an bear it I hope!

      And yes – I make decent money which helps the savings rate, alongside not spending a lot. Two-pronged attack for the win!

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