Net Worth and other updates – July 2019 (+£32k)

The year is running through fast – I can’t believe we are already at the end of July 2019. How time flys as you get older and older. Not to mention, how my memory fades. I’m loving having these written updates to document and review my progress.

How was July 2019?

  • I am loving all this free time to things as I want. It is a-maz-ing. I still don’t miss working at all.
  • Yet I’ve ended up having a few interviews and turned one contract down – as well as not great money, they claimed to be flexible yet I’d describe them as fans of presenteeism.
  • As for longer-term, I’m leaning towards kicking the can down the road and making a decision in January.
  • Lack of routine and structure really works for me. I thrive on having lots to do and picking one thing that suits my current mood.
  • My house is now far too clean – I could even invite my mother without having to clean in advance!
  • Running is going well. I am taking it easy and enjoying training – which altogether makes it more fun. Not to mention my schedule freedom which means I can avoid the worst of the weather.
  • My Chinese is coming along well with free time to study – although I have been taking it easy and not pushing myself.
  • I’ve been catching up on my reading goals for the year – I’m at 19 books for the year and feel I’ll be able to make my 52 book goal by year-end.

Understated Travel

It’s been another month of no foreign travel, but at the end of the month, I have sneaked in a visit to Scotland. And despite it being the summer months, the weather did it’s usual. It was, what we would call, rather on the wet side. It rained every single day. At least I had packed my waterproof jacket.

Nonetheless, we had a packed agenda with lots of boats and castles. And I got to indulge my twitcher tendencies by going to the Isle of May to see the puffins. I adore puffins. How could you not?

Ms ZiYou Puffins


And it’s been Ibsen yet again that has been my best theatre of the month. For July it was a version of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt with the National Theatre’s Peter Gynt.

It’s not an easy play, but this version worked really well for me. Others did disagree and I would admit it could be a bit of a marmite play. The strong Scottish accents probably didn’t help those not used to the Celtic twang.

Nevertheless, I was very into the play and enjoyed every minute. There were many strands and themes intermingled, but overarchingly it was all about life and definitions of success in life.  Which I don’t know about you, but I find fascinating as I’m getting older and older. Do you want to be remembered? If so, what for? Truth be told, I think I’ll be happy to fade into obscurity.


Looking at cash now, my rolling 12 months spending is at £22.4k, eek. It’s creeping up despite a frugal June and July. Which is not ideal, give the income situation and the big trip coming up in August / September. So I have spent a bit of time having a look at why this is.

Basically, last year June and July were mega frugal. And this year, as well as bills creeping up a bit, I’ve been getting a bit spendy on food and drinks. Realistically, this number is not going to go down until October, but I’m OK with that. I’m going to make a bit of an effort to keep things under control, but not panic or worry about it yet.

Show me the numbers

And now straight into the numbers: my figures for July 2019 (vs June) are:

  • Net Worth at £874k (+£32k)
  • FIRE fund at £611k  (+£23k)
    • Which is 81% to the £750k target
    • 27.8 x current annual expenses

July 2019 Numbers Deep Dive

So it’s been another roller-coaster month for those who use the pound sterling – most of these gains this month are simply due to the pound falling due to the new prime minister and Brexit. It feels like the following months are also going to be equally turbulent until something is sorted. If I convert the numbers into dollars, my net worth went down in July – yet it did increase in euros.

And so we have the details and the usual graphics shamelessly stolen from my broker reports.

And the overall distribution between large and small, value and growth can be seen again on the right. I like to have some small companies as well as the giant and now have 9% of smaller companies which feels good.

I always like to check my top 10 underlying holdings for any movement.

  • 1.59% Microsoft
  • 1.35% Apple
  • 1.16% Amazon
  • 0.97% HSBC
  • 0.95% Tencent
  • 0.86% Alibaba
  • 0.82% Shell Class A
  • 0.78% BP
  • 0.71% Taiwan Semi
  • 0.70% Shell Class B

And the trailing returns

  • 3 Months 6.91%
  • 6 Months 14.57%
  • 1 Year 8.92%
  • 3 Years Annualised 12.79%
  • 5 Years Annualised 13.04%

Next, on the fund charges, the weighted aggregate charge of all my holdings is steady at:

  • 0.14%

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Over to you

  • How about you?
  • How has July 2019 been for you personally?
  • And numbers-wise?

Thank you for reading – please leave a comment below and join in the conversation. You can also connect on Twitter or contact me privately.



16 comments on “Net Worth and other updates – July 2019 (+£32k)

  1. Is food and drink becoming a bit more spendy because of your beau? Perhaps it is no bad thing to invest in your love life in this way.

    On the topic of personal legacy. I’m sanguine. It’s normal for nearly all of us to leave fading echoes behind, no matter how attached we are to the moment. It would nice, but out of our control, if the impressions that ripple out beyond our lives were broadly fond ones.

  2. Is it nerdy how proud I am of myself that I’m starting to truly understand more and more of the investing talk? Yeah, the uncertainty this weel definitely affected us (despite the events leading up to the uncertainty being…really certain?). My other half asked me if I would invest in the UK and I said “I would’ve bought when it dropped if I knew what I was doing but I don’t think so – it’s too messy!”

    I’m writing a post (oh, the irony) about my pursuit of obscurity so your line about fading into obscurity really resonated. We tend to think of being forgotten as a punishment whereas sometimes it’s a relief!

    1. Hi ABP – nope, not at all nerdy and a process that we all went through, gradually weaning ourselves into the investing talk!

      And yes, the UK is very messy at the moment – and I have no idea how it will all end up.

      I can’t wait to read about your pursuit of obscurity….sounds right up my street!

  3. Hi Ms ZiYou! I think you’re very wise to wait until the end of the year to decide whether to “go or stay,” work-wise. With your new PM and Brexit, a lot will happen by then for the UK and hopefully the extra time will help give you some clarity.

    For me, my numbers are about flat for July, thanks to our own blond menace’s crazy tariff talk and berating of *his own personally appointed* Federal Reserve chairman. Sigh.

    What did your boyfriend think of the “100 vaginas” show? I hope it’ll come to the US at some point, it looks really awesome 😁

    1. Ah yes, sadly there seems to be many blond menaces around. God knows why, it’s clearly the year of the strongman and megalomanics!

      My boyfriend did reply suitably about the show, and also the male version of 100 penises.

  4. Nice puffin picture. Your strategy of high return, high risk way too risky for me. A lot may happen in the uk next few months or not, well have to see.

    1. Thanks Adam – the puffins were so fun.

      And yes, it is definitely a risky approach I am taking – given we don’t even know in what state the country will be at the end of the year, there is enough uncertainty to sure go round.

  5. What a great position you are in – having spent months not working, you’re still able to turn work down – because you can! Sounds quite FI to me, although you don’t think you are, only because of the number you have on your spreadsheet.

    My sister’s coming soon – got time to come round and clean my house, haha? 🙂

    1. Thanks Weenie – I love your framing indeed I am so lucky to be able to not work.

      And despite my free time, I still don’t love cleaning….it’s still a necessary evil in my house. Good lcuk when your sister and family mvoes in.

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