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Net Worth and other updates – January 2018

So I’m beginning this blog as I mean to go on, sharing net worth updates with you all. I’ll share the good times, so-so times and bad times, all under the thin cloak of an alias.

How was January

  • A new year, a new start seemed the theme all around me, but I just want to add some more good habits, and drop some bad habits.
  • Work went good, nothing really exciting or terrifying to report…and it’s cool to think I’ll probably only have two more January’s to work.
  • I made it to each and every Parkrun in January. This includes doing the double, two Parkruns on New Years Day.
  • I did make an attempt at dry January, but I sort of forgot and quaffed some free champagne. Another night there was free wine. So a failure really, but maybe I can brand it as a success for not buying alcohol?
  • Spending time really getting really involved in voluntary work which is awesome and the do-goodness makes me feel all warm inside. I’m also being lined up to take over the top job is doubly awesome.


I read a lot, and January’s best read was Street of Eternal Happiness, by Rob Schmitz. I’m fascinated by China and also learning Chinese. Hence I’m making my way through lots of the recommended reads to understand the country. Rob tells the stories of some of his neighbours in Shanghai; and they are so different and interesting. It’s a people book, giving these individuals centre stage to tell their life stories and share their hopes and dreams. The narrative brings you close to them, eager to hear more about the characters and rooting for their ultimate success. All of this is set in contemporary Shanghai, with the backdrop of the cultural revolution and how it shaped the older living generation in Shanghai.


January’s best show was Edward II by Christopher Marlowe, at the Greenwich Theatre by Lazarus.  Marlowe doesn’t get anywhere as much exposure as Shakespeare, yet I feel his work is as worthy to explore. Some great lines include:

Why would you love him who the world hates so?
Because he loves me more than all the world.

A young cast delivered strong performances, and the minimal staging, which I usually hate, worked well. The use of a red telephone as a prop for delivery of the news of the king’s deaths added a novel touch.


Trying to get my spending for the tax year to £20k…it’s close, but may end up a bit over. Spending for the month has been high, mainly due to a large vet bill, actually reviewing my numbers, everything else was normal so I’m calling January a success.

Show me the numbers

January is usually a good month finance wise, as I pay myself quarterly. And the stock market has also been riding high, again manifesting itself in my numbers.

And we have a milestone. When these milestones come up, I like to secretly celebrate and stare at the spreadsheet in awe. My net worth has crossed the £700k barrier. Which to be honest feels both guilty (do I really deserve this amount of money) and general chuffedness with my success.

So we ended January as:

  • Net Worth up to £702k
  • FIRE fund up to £445k
  • Which is 59% to the £750k target


How about you? How has January been?

7 comments on “Net Worth and other updates – January 2018

    1. Hi, yes the difference is house related – home equity. I count it in my net worth, as I could theoretically sell, pay off the mortgage and liquidate it. However I don’t count it in my FIRE fund, as that’s money I want to live on with the 4% rule. Does that make sense?

      1. That makes sense Ms ZiYou and it is something often debated.

        I agree with your approach. We count it in our net worth, but I have a separate FIRE number.

        Glad your January went well. Is the two January dates because you expect to hit your 750 by then?

        1. Hi Finance Stoic, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

          Cool to hear you have the same approach on house equity, housing markets are very unpredictable at the moment. Yes, I’m hoping to only work two more January’s….we’ll see how that goes at the time gets closer.

          January was good, I’ve not looked recently but I’m expecting a reversal of fortunes in February…we’ll see next week.

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