Net Worth and other updates – April 2018 – $1m!

The first of the month can only mean one thing; time to update the spreadsheet and share net worth updates with you all. I’ll share the good times, so-so times and bad times, all under the thin cloak of an alias. So here is April’s review as I hit dollar millionaire status.

How was April?

  • So how has it been generally? There has been a lot of work for me in April, a busy period with some late nights. Despite the busyness, it’s not been stressful, more lots of waiting around being the last person on the production line type of late nights, which I can easily cope with. And I predict May will be much calmer.
  • I have been enjoying running for the sake of running, rather than keeping to the strict plan I wanted to. And it’s much more freeing – I feel liberated.
  • And on the blogging side, I’ve been fading, as told in yesterday’s post. But you know what? All the kind comments I have received have perked me up, and I think the blogging blues are fading. My mojo may be returning.
  • Twitter is my new home. I love the place. If we are not connected there – why not? I am simply amazed at how easy it is to find people that are similar to you – even if you are weird like me. And all this waiting around work time has given me a perfect excuse to hang out there more.


This months best was an opera, Lady Macbeth of Minsk, at the ROH – details of the production here. Shostakovich’s masterpiece is a fascinating opera to watch. It was well performed with an A-list cast as expected at the ROH. And such an interesting story, with a strong and gritty heroine that I could easily identify with. In true Russian form, it started setting the dark and morbid scene. Then the melodrama and absurdity brought mirth and amusement. Such a classic and the history of the opera itself also intrigues – being banned by Stalin himself. Although this guardian article suggests we should stop using a ‘Stalin’ lens to view it, yet having read Julian Barnes’ book recently I am fascinated by the impact of living in those times.


And April is the month I usually set the target for my next tax years spending. Whilst inflation has not been completing ravishing my expenses, a lot of things have been going up. So I think it’s wise to raise the target. Now last tax year I spent £20.2k, well under my £21.5k target. So this year I’m aiming for under £21k.  Seems reasonable and not too restrictive? Time will tell as the numbers roll in.

Show me the numbers

April is always a good month, as it’s the first month in the new tax year, and I pay myself generously. I invest and add money to the market each month when the times are good (like this month) or bad (like last month). Keep on Truckin is the moto, and I don’t want to alter my approach or be influenced by the market.

With all that said, my figures for April are:

  • Net Worth up to £728k
  • FIRE fund up to £467k
  • Which is 62% to the £750k target –  on track to FIRE in three years!

Hitting that million

Ms ZiYou Millionaire

And I’m a dollar millionaire in net worth! Yes, I not sure how I feel about this quasi-milestone. I know for certain I will not feel like a real millionaire until I have a net worth of a million pounds. Cause we Brits are really attached to sterling. And I reserve the right to celebrating becoming a millionaire again in good ole pounds sterling. But I’m just going to do a happy dance here and celebrate. Little old me managed to get to a million dollars herself.

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Over to you

  • How about you?
  • How has April been for you personally?
  • And numbers wise?
  • Anyone else hit milestones this month?


Thanks for reading – please leave a comment below and join in the conversation. You can also connect on Twitter or Pinterest.

Looking forward to your thoughts and ideas – all are welcome. 

32 comments on “Net Worth and other updates – April 2018 – $1m!

    1. Thanks Laurie, indeed I should call myself a US millionaire! I don’t think my spending is that good, I travel a lot, but I do most things the budget way!

  1. Congrats!!!! It’s an awesome milestone.
    I can’t really run for running’s sake. I need some kind of a goal/destination in mind or I turn back too quickly.

    1. Hi Jeannie, thanks so much for your kind words, they are really appreciated.

      And yes, I am strange and like running for running’s sake sometimes – but I usually know roughly where I am going, and avoid places where I can easily turn back – I like long circular routes.

    1. Thanks Mr Thrifty, I agree it’s a big milestone to meet. And my best guess for GDP? It really depends on the housing market, which is predicted to flatline for the next few years / decades. I reckon in 2.5 years is realistic, but only time will tell.

  2. I’ve congratulated you already, but it deserves another one so ‘Congrats’ on this milestone. However, I agree, the GBP one will be the biggie. I’m assuming that you will get there before you FIRE so do you think you will be trying to keep it at one million or not be bothered about spending it once you’ve got there? Easier to maintain if you are working but if you pull the FIRE trigger, you’ll have to fund your travels with some of your stash?

    Good to hear that you are already feeling more positive about your blogging and hope you have a good trip to Portugal.

    1. I shall graciously accept your second congrat, thanks again Weenie.

      And as for when I FIRE, I’m aiming for £750k (but £700k will work) so my net worth will probably be just over a million, depending on what happens with that property market.

      And I’ve got no intentions of going on to become a multi- millionare, I shall be stopping when I have enough!

    1. Thanks Angela, I’m loving that I can share numbers with everyone online!

      And yes, twitter rocks! Hell even the president uses it to sack people (mmmm, maybe this is not a good thing overall).

    1. Not sure if it’s quick or not – I’m 37, so doesn’t feel too quick! Basically, I went freelance at 32 and made more money, and ratcheted up my savings rate for 5 yers, coupled with buying property at the right time. I’m sure if I was prepared to sell up and move up north I could retire, but that’s not the life I want, so I’ll work a few more years so I can afford to stay in London and travel etc.

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