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Alyssa – Mixed up Money – Debt Slayer #financialfeminist

Ms ZiYou Lets meet financial feministsIt’s Friday, so time for Let’s meet Financial Feminists. This week I have the pleasure of introducing Alyssa from Mixed up Money.

Alyssa is such a sassy and down to earth blogger. She manages to combine many jobs, blogging and raising a feminist daughter. And she is a fellow personal finance twitter addict.


Handing over to Alyssa

Please introduce yourself and your blog

My name is Alyssa Fischer, and I am from a beautiful city filled with oil, cowboys, and unfortunately – a lot of debt. I’m a university graduate, former college athlete, wife to a wonderful guy, and mom to a beautiful baby girl. In my spare time I play competitive soccer, and I also work 3 jobs – because who wouldn’t?

In 2015, I paid off over $10,000 in consumer debt and student loans that I had accumulated over 5 years. It was a great learning experience, & taught me to be more financially conscious than most. I tell stories of my wins & failures when it comes to money, as well as provide you with tips and tools to create a healthy vision of what financial success looks like.

My blog is Mixed Up Money. I try to keep my posts relatable, sassy, and fun. Because, what else is there in writing? Finances are way too complicated, outdated, and boring. But they don’t have to be.

As a blog that originated as a way to hold myself accountable during the most stressful and difficult time in my life, it has become a true passion. Not only do I want to learn all there is to know about money – I want you to learn it too.

What sort of finance blog do you write?

I’m not an expert – which is why people read my blog. Not only do I make money easy and fun, I do it in a way that allows my readers to relate. Made a mistake with your finances? Don’t worry. Chances are high that I have too. The stigma of debt and personal finance is still alive & well, but I want millennials to feel comfortable discussing the last taboo.

How would you describe your current stage of life?

Right now, my focus has gone from being a millennial learning to manage a debt-free life, to a mom who is trying to manage her latte habit while still being financially responsible. In other words, I’m the least judgmental financial blogger you’ll ever meet.

What are your personal values?

I used to be very frugal while paying off my debt, which I still think is extremely important while you’re in that stage of life. However, now that I’ve saved a healthy emergency fund, paid off my debts and am learning how to save for the future, I’m more about doing whatever makes you happiest when it comes to money. There is no one size fits all solution in finance — and trying to get ahead isn’t always easy for everyone. Therefore, I think that if you’re looking for options, ideas and ways to fix your money situation, you’re doing everything right.

What are your dreams and plans for the future?

I hope to continue moving forward in my career and to always allow myself to take risks in my working life. As far as strictly financial plans, my short-term goal is to buy a home. Long term? Be able to have financial independence from a 9-to-5 so that I can focus on enjoying life with my husband and daughter.

Feminism & Society

What is your brand of feminism?

My brand of feminism is to support EVERY WOMAN. Even the ones who don’t support you — because they might not know how to do that yet.

Do you have feminist in your twitter bio?

I wouldn’t say I’m a specific type of feminist. I’d say that I’m still learning (and always will be) how to be a better person in general. Feminism has become a large part of me being a more open-minded and better educated human.

Do you have feminist in your twitter bio?

No, I just tweet about it when I become passionate about a topic.

Is the patriarchy real?

Oh hell yes, it is. In a sense, it’s kind of like how some people think they can decide that science isn’t factual. Don’t be that person.

Please recommend us some good feminist books

As a parent, please buy your child “Feminist Baby” by Loryn Brantz. I read it to my baby every night and it’s my favourite book right now. To be honest, I’m only reading children’s books right now — so let’s keep it at that.

The importance of intersectionality – discuss

I’m still learning to be a more educated and understanding person. At this point, I find it’s best for me to listen. However, I also find it extremely important to voice those learnings to others who haven’t taken the time to do so. As a white female, born in to a middle-class family, it’s not my job to be in the spotlight. It’s my job to do anything I can to help those who are at a social disadvantage be heard.

How do you feel about privilege? 

Privilege is a very real thing. Nothing irritates me more than people who try to ignore the reality that they have had an easier life than others due to their upbringing, skin colour, gender, and beyond. Acknowledgement is the first step.

Who is your idol?

I fell in love with Lauren Duca after reading a few of her Teen Vogue articles. After that, I found her on Twitter and the idolization began. She is unafraid of speaking her mind, being a feminist, and getting real about where we’re at today.

What is the role of men in feminism?

Listen when listening is important. Speak up when speaking up is important. Men have the exact same role as females do — that is equality.

Do you consider yourself an activist?

Unfortunately, no. I wish I was bolder and braver in the world of politics. However, I live in a province in Canada where views are very conservative and people are very strong-minded about their feelings. I’m still afraid to make myself known in the world of activism.


How do you get your news? 

I am obsessed with how fast the word is spread through Twitter. If I’m looking for news, I head here first. I have all of my favourite news outlets on notification.

What are your thoughts on the mainstream media?

Take it or leave it, this is what we have become.

Please share your top 10 blogs you follow with us.

1) Half Banked

2) Dumpster Dog Blog

3) Bitches Get Riches

4) Money After Graduation

5) Picks Up Pennies

6) The Luxe Strategist

7) Bravely Go

8) Bianca Bass

9) Couple of Sense

10) Smile and Conquer

What feminist resources do you use?

To be honest, the only feminist resources I use are several online groups that regularly converse about the happenings of our political climate and how we can better support one another. I’ve found these to be the best way to learn and understand. Communication is always my number one.

Is talking about money feminist?

I think in a way, talking about money is very feminist. Salary wise, managing money in relationship wise, etc. There are many ways we are still seeking equality in the world of dollar bills.

Parting Words

What is one awesome thing in your life now?

My baby girl is extremely awesome. I’m so excited to introduce her to the world of feminism and to be an open-minded and loving human being.

Anything else you’d like to say?


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How can people get in contact with you?

Follow my blog, hit me up on Twitter, connect with me on Instagram. I’m Mixed Up Money literally everywhere and I cannot wait to meet stronger and more passionate people.

Ms ZiYou Back Now

Thanks for sharing your story Alyssa – I especially love your blog recommendations to get me reading a bit more Canadian!

If you identify as a feminist – female or male – and would like to be featured on Let’s meet Financial Feminists – please get in contact.

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