Here are some links to resources that are tried and tested, and that I personally use.

FIRE (Early Retirement Movement)

Personal Finance Content Aggregators

UK Personal Finance

  • MoneySavingExpert – a great UK beginner resource for saving money
  • Monevator – the best UK investment blog, although beware thee who enter the comments

Random Interesting Stuff for curious minds

  • Atlas Obscura – a great collation of quirky places
  • Aeon – essays collections where one always catches my eye
  • Londonist – cool and quirky things to do and places to explore in London
  • Visual Capitalist – Infographic heaven here, if you love pictures check it out
  • TED – you can’t beat a good TED talk for inspiration
  • Ask A Manager – this should be your first stop for any work-related questions
  • EdX – the best MOOC platform at the moment

Ms ZiYou Around the Web

I’ve been featured on a few blogs and podcasts around the web.




Happy Reading!