Why Ms ZiYou?

The name Ms ZiYou incorporates lots of things that are meaningful to me. When I committed to this blogging idea, coming up with a name was hard, especially as I’m exactly the most creative person (actually, I recall actual squirming in my teenage years trying to come up with names). I wanted a name I could live, feel comfortable as and get the domain name for. After many many attempts, I finally stumbled across a great name, that works on a few levels – breaking it down


  • Hardcore feminist here – raises hand. Nothing drives me more mad than either (a) being addressed as Miss/Mrs or (b) someone asking if it’s Miss/Mrs. Especially in a situation when marital status makes no difference, like 99% of life – marital status is irrelevant to my doctor and car mechanic, and until we start asking men as you Mr (married) or Mr (not married) we’re implying women should be judged differently. Rant over, needless to say I should be addressed as Ms.


  • I originally wanted a name that incorporated freedom. To signify both financial freedom and as it’s a nickname that some colleagues once gave me after my country of origin.
  • Strangely for a grown up, I also have a favourite colour, purple. My first two homes featured a lot of purple paint before I decided I really should grow up.
  • I’m also learning Mandarin, and was thinking of a Chinese word that would work. However given the limited characters in the latin transliteration, again all the good ones are taken.
  • Then I struck gold ZiYou (自由)  is Chinese for freedom, but could also be having purple  (兹有).

So there we have it, a unique name that has personal meaning.  Therefore I knew I should snap it up, so I got my card out and paid.

Which brings us nicely onto money; of all aspects of modern life, money is one I am good at (I’m sure I’ll cover all the ones I suck at later). I live a happy and fulfilled frugal life, and am on target to reach my FIRE number in three years. So my finances are on autopilot, and my focus in on making sure I enjoy these last few years of work and make the most out of living in London.

When writing, I’m more of the concise type; I’ll work out the best way and say it that way, I’m not one for lots of flowery language and stating the same thing many way; therefore my blog posts will tend towards the shorter side. However I love pictures, so there are likely to be an awful lot pictures about.

So that’s the start of my story…..any questions?


Ms ZiYou

14 comments on “Introducing Ms ZiYou

  1. Nice decisions behind the name. I wish you the best of luck in your blogging journey. The best advice I can give as someone who has done this for over 10 years (under many different blogs though) is to join in with the community as much as possible – reach out to other blogs, use socials and just have fun. Your writing and reading skills will improve massively as you continue to write and your audience will grow. As long as you are having fun, you will improve.

  2. Hey Ms Ziyou, love your blog and name. Good to see another feminist in the community I also don’t like when someone addresses me by Mrs or Miss. That’s why I go with Ms99to1percent. Even as a couple I prefer Ms and Mr 99to1percent.

    1. Hi, great to see you here Ms99to1percent. Completely agree; irrespective of whether I am married or single my title is Ms. And don’t start me on referring to grown women as girls!

  3. FYI Yahoo! (the company) adopted purple as its base color for branding purposes, because purple paints were cheapest at the paint store when they first redecorated their initial start-up office. So, purple must be the color of frugality. #ownThePurple

      1. Yes and it’s been a long long string of such. Used to work for it, thanks to my then-employer getting acquired by Yahoo long ago. Good technical folks there but odd business decisions and internal politics drove lots of good people away, many with paper losses on their stock options.

        I got better. 😉

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