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Hello everyone and welcome to Ms ZiYou, my UK personal finance blog. Here I detail my progress towards FIRE (financial independence and early retirement) and achieving ultimate freedom. Expect to see lots of posts about money. How to get money. And how to spend or invest money. I also cover the details of financial independence; what does it really mean? Why would you want to be financially independent? What does it take to get there? [Spoiler, it does take a lot of commitment].

Diverse FI

The original FIRE blogs tend towards American males with heterosexual marriages. In comparison I want to show that financial independence is possible for a diverse set of people. Moreover this is a strongly feminist blog, where some of the societal constructs of gender are challenged. Furthermore I want women to strive for financial independence. I also want to show it’s possible for single people. And finally, I’m in London, hence I aspire to grow the UK FIRE community. And promote financial independence as a possibility in the UK. So what to expect on Ms ZiYou?


I believe that a picture tells a thousand words.  The image above gives some idea of the topics to be covered in addition to pure money. The blog details my journey and personal development. This includes related topics like careers, but also more tangentially subjects such as happiness. How do we strive towards happiness? What role do hobbies and interests have in life? How does society impact our happiness. Please join me as I ponder.

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