5k pageviews :) – blogging month one

Wow, it seems like yesterday I started the blog Ms ZiYou, but it really was the end of January. So I’m going to use the month of February for my first review, how was my first month blogging? Drumroll please, here are the numbers.

Blog month numbersBlogging month 1

  • PageViews 5.1k <—– this really surprised me. I’m chuffed.
  • Blog comments 181 <—– thank you so much to all commenters
  • Alexa Rank 9.8m
  • Twitter Followers 333
  • Pinterest Followers 245

When I started blogging I did not know what to expect traffic wise. I have to say I was blown away by how many people (and bots) have visited my humble site, and even more so by those that have commented. Thanks a lot.

Where is my traffic coming from?

Here are my top 9 referrers for my first month.

  1. directory.rockstarfinance.com
  2. twitter
  3. forums.rockstarfinance.com
  4. pinterest
  5. brokegirlrich.com
  6. flipboard
  7. search engines
  8. quietlysaving.co.uk
  9. monevator.com

Fascinating insight, most of my viewers come from the right places, personal finance blogs. These are quality readers, who genuinely want to read and connect. Twitter is also proving very useful, sending more quality readers my way. Clearly I need to do some work on SEO so the search engines can find me.

Most popular posts

So February was a busy month, with 12 blog posts published, bringing the site total to 15. From those posts, the most viewed and commented on were:

How did other bloggers first months compare

I know in the PF world we don’t like keeping up with the Jones, however I did want to see how well my blog was doing compared to others. Please indulge me in my weakness, as I select the cream of the crop to compare myself to.

  • Ms 99to1percent  – did awesome and blew the fish out of the water with 9.2k pageviews, although her reports details that a lot of work went into this. Amazing!
  • Olivia at BirdsofaFire – also aced it with 3.3k page views and an incredible Alexa rank of just 1,4m.
  • FrugalAsianFinance – yet another amazing start with 5.5k pageviews and already writing CSS code to modify her theme.

So I’ve got me some amazing role models to look up to there. Thanks for sharing all the details with us, I’m finding these posts really, really useful.

Plans for next month

  • Pinterest
    • I need to up my Pinterest game. On the list is making pins for all my posts, adding them to the post so others can also pin them
    • Group boards are also a focus, thanks to those that have already added me to theirs. If you are contributor to any personal finance boards, can you please add me?
    • I’ve started a new Financial Independence group board that I’m building up before advertising – if you want to help, just let me know
  • Search Engines
    • I’m not getting picked up by the main search engines easily, so I need to up my SEO efforts (as in start them) to learn what works and what I need to do to rank. Any tips?
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
    • Still steadfastly ignoring this, nothing has tempted me to budge yet
  • #IWD
    • The feminist theme is coming out in March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Over to you

  • How was your first month blogging?
  • Do you have plans for the month or go with the flow?

40 comments on “5k pageviews :) – blogging month one

  1. You are doing great! Keep it up.

    On SEO, everyone seems to say it just takes time. Like a year plus sometimes to start generating meaningful traffic. As long as you have Yoast installed and the “circles are green” you’re probably doing okay. I’m on month 4 and am just starting to see some search engine traffic trickle in. More experienced bloggers may have more insight.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Financial Pilgrimage, and thanks for the encouragement. I like the answer of it just takes time, patience is not really one of my virtues.

    1. Thanks DocG….I fully attribute my success to my lazyness…not one for reinventing the wheel, I’ve just taken everyone’s lessons learned as my blog education.

  2. As I said on Twitter, congratulations on 5k in your first month, that is amazing to me!

    I would be interested in contributing as a member of your group boards. My username on Pinterest is also Finance Stoic.



  3. Congratulations.

    You have blown me out of the water. I’ve been going a month also and had a grand total of about 120 views. I’m a bit of a dinosaur on the tech front, but i’m trying.

  4. Congratulations on the great growth within your first month of blogging! Yes, from experience SEO just takes a fair portion of time before it starts to work itself out. As long as you are targeting good search terms and getting greens from Yoast SEO, you will eventually see some traffic. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi, thanks for reading by and commenting, it’s really appreciated. Yeah, I think I need to learn more about SEO. No I get Yoast green, but I don’t really know what you mean by targeting good search terms. I get the feeling I need to be more strategic about keywords and my word choices.

      1. So if you look up something like a keyword researcher, if you type in the topic you are planning to write about (i.e. Investment) it will show the volume of traffic to keywords which are similar to the topic. That way you can pick something which fits the topic well enough, or see what direction you should be writing about in a topic in order to get more visitors from search engines. Hope that helps!

        1. Thanks DiscussPF, have not been doing anything like that, I need to up my game here. Appreciate you taking the time to point it out step by step to a newbie.

    1. Hi GenYMoney, thanks for stopping by and commenting, much appreciated. See, I hate making Yoast green….I do it religiously, but I do occasionally mutter to myself that my target readers don’t have a reading age of 8!

  5. Very impressive first month! (I’m a little jealous!) Congratulations!
    And I added you to a new board I just started.

  6. Great start MsZiYou! I am about 6 weeks behind you, as in blog not live yet as still working my way through the tech side – so not my forte! If I get half your page views I would be seriously pleased. Look forward to more of you posts. PS. Have followed you and your group board

  7. I could’ve sworn I commented on this, but somehow I didn’t? What…

    You did so awesome your first month!!! Blew me clear out of the water :D. I love the clean look of your webpage and the writing :). Cheers to females lighting up the FIRE world! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for month three :).

    1. Hi Quitting teaching, thanks so much for visiting and commenting. At then end of the day, I think the only people who should measure progress against is a previous version of ourselves, so if you are making progress that’s a fantastic success.

  8. Yes that is something I always tell the kids I teach. Focus on yourself and making yourself better. Dont compare yourself to others. I am only writing the blog for my actual kids anyway- if anyone visits that’s a bonus!! 🙂

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