Hi everyone, I’m Ms ZiYou, and this is my UK personal finance blog. Here I detail my progress towards FIRE (financial independence and early retirement) and achieving ultimate freedom. My journey to financial independence is well underway, and I am on track for an early retirement at the age of 40 in early 2021. In terms of disclosure, I’m a high-income earner which makes FIRE possible. Moreover, this is a personal blog that is not monetised, hence no advertising, sponsored posts or affiliate links will appear.

This blog will obviously cover money, looking into the UK personal finance news and sharing my personal situation. As I’ve decided to remain anonymous, I can share real-life numbers with you – hence you can find my net worth and FIRE fund numbers here each month. Expect to see lots of posts about money. How to get money. And how to spend save and invest money. I also cover the details of financial independence; what does it really mean? Why would you want to be financially independent? What does it take to get there? [Spoiler, it does take a lot of commitment].

It’s about more than the money

Ms ZiYou Plutus Finalist

More importantly, I also want to focus on the softer side of finding fulfilment. Alongside the financials, I share my thoughts and personal development on this journey. I strive to live a happy and contented life; and comment on my hobbies, interests and thoughts on the economy and society we live in. This includes money related topics such as careers, but also more tangentially subjects such as happiness. How do we strive towards happiness? What role do hobbies and interests have in life? How does society impact our happiness? Please join me as I ponder.

Diverse FI

The original FIRE blogs tend towards American males with heterosexual marriages. In comparison, I want to show that financial independence is possible for a diverse set of people.  I want to raise the visibility of diverse bloggers to make the movement more representative of wider society, I feel we need more women and single people out there making some noise and showing what is possible.

Moreover, this is a strongly feminist blog, where some of the societal constructs of gender are challenged. Furthermore, I want women to manage their money happily and strive for financial independence. And finally, I’m in London, hence I aspire to grow the UK FIRE community. And promote financial independence as a possibility in the UK.

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