Ms ZiYou That Frugal Pharmacist

That Frugal Pharmacist – Breadwinning mum and recent convert #financialfeminist

It’s Friday, so time for Let’s meet Financial Feminists. This week I have the pleasure of introducing That Frugal Pharmacist. What I love so much about this amazing interview is her backstory with feminism. Specifically how it’s only recently that she’s started to identify as a feminist. Not to mention how she is a kick-ass breadwinning […]

Ms ZYou Bugeting

Budgeting by values

I don’t really budget in the traditional sense. What I mean by that is I don’t start each month and make a budget, I don’t create spending categories and then give myself a numerical number as a budget or target for each category. And also –  I don’t subscribe to the mantra budgets are sexy […]