Ms ZiYou Fringe Posters

Spending money on what I love

As I write this week I am away exploring my passions for theatre and travelling. I’m enjoying spending time with friends at the Edinburgh Fringe. And spending money on what I love. Fringe theatre. Although I like to keep my spending low generally, I never skimp on things I love. Things that really bring me […]

MS ZiYou - Net Worth Spreadsheet

10 Insights from a net worth spreadsheet

As a self-confessed finance geek, I am happy to admit I religiously keep a net worth spreadsheet. This is an OpenOffice (cause I’m frugal) spreadsheet that I use to track my financial position each month. As I was preparing July’s net worth updates for you I realised there are many insights contained in the spreadsheet itself. I […]

Ms ZiYou AutoPilot

Evaluating your autopilot settings

We’ve all got our own set of autopilot routines, tasks we just do without thinking. As we don’t need to wake our conscious brain to make these decisions that valuable brain energy is saved for more important tasks. But how much of your life have you left to autopilot? Have you evaluated your autopilot settings recently?