Sunday SHort Musings

Sunday Short #9 – Finding Beauty

Welcome all, to the ninth Sunday Short. This week I’m trying something different, and going for the visual –  a post demonstrated by pictures on finding beauty. Do you believe a picture tells a hundred words? Things I’ve been thinking about this week – Finding Beauty Marvel, wonder and awe; all words we use to describe […]

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How to decide what bloggers to follow?

Even if you are new to the personal finance blog sphere, it soon becomes apparent that there are lots of personal finance blogs out there and a myriad of bloggers to follow. From thinly disguised sales pitches to company and personal blogs, there are many different types of content. I’m going to concentrate on personal blogs […]

Sunday SHort Musings

Sunday Short #7 – Blogging Slump

Welcome all, to the seventh Sunday Short, this week on my blogging slump. And yes, it’s Thursday, and this post has been procrastinating in my draft folder since Sunday. Along with quite a few other drafts that just need a little more thought. Things I’ve been thinking about this week – Blogging Slump I have […]