money and people

Do you earn more than your parents?

I’d like to delve into family and money. The dynamics of being in a position where you earn more than your parents. Does it change things? Moreover, is each subsequent generation meant to do better than their parents? Is this social mobility expected progress or an unusual situation? What influences children? It fascinates me that we […]

Sunday SHort Musings

Sunday Short #2 – Different Ways

Welcome all to the second Sunday Short. A new format of post, this will be more personal and reflective, and much shorter than my usual blog posts. Things I’ve been thinking about this week – Different Ways As I mentioned before I’m travelling this week, and am currently in Finland. In many ways Finland is […]

Countdown to FIRE 1000

Countdown hits 1000…..

And today my countdown clock now shows only 1000 days till my FIRE date. The date I’ve pencilled in for giving up work, is only 1000 days away. Wow, this is big. My thoughts You know what? I can’t quite believe that I am writing this post. And I’m pinching myself to check it is […]

World Map

A country a year

I have a confession to make. Well several confessions really. I like to travel. No scratch that, I love to travel. And spend money on travel. And I also love counting countries, and see a new country each year at a minimum. Counting Countries What is counting countries? At a basic level, it’s just keeping […]

Sunday SHort Musings

Sunday Short #1 – Privilege

Welcome all, I’m going to experiment with a new format of post, the Sunday Short. This will be more personal and reflective, and much shorter than my usual blog posts. Things I’ve been thinking about this week – Privilege To begin, let’s check we are all on the same hymn sheet. Like many words, meanings […]

Things I don't buy store

10 things I do not buy

So, I often get asked about my spending habits. In all honesty, whilst they seem perfectly normal in the personal finance blogging world, they seem crazy strange to people in the real world. My high savings rate doesn’t come from a consumerist lifestyle. So here are some of my habits. I have not even spent one […]

Female Money Mentors

Where were all my female financial mentors?

To celebrate International Women’s Day in 2018, I’m joining in with MamaFishSaves in #womenrockmoney, and writing a series of feminist posts, with a finance theme. Today’s topic is mentors; specifically financial mentors or money mentors. International Women’s Day seems an appropriate day to reflect on how women are influenced financially. And it seems embarrassing to admit, […]