Crowd of Lego People

What does a personality profile tell you?

People are all unique. Yet we share similar traits and characteristics. So can we group people by these traits into groups? Personality profiles attempt to do just that, using frameworks to group together individuals with similar characteristics. Personality profiling gets a mixed reaction. One camp loves the idea, and finds it helps them understand others. […]


Why start a blog?

People have a variety of reasons for starting a blog. Some of the oft quoted reasons are as a hobby, an outlet, community building or simply as a money spinner. After outlining my financial evolution, I want to consider why I started a blog. Community¬†& Influencing Opinion The main driver for this blog, is that […]

Single is ok valentines

Being single is ok – thoughts from someone unlucky in love

In honour of Valentines Day, I’ve gone for a post on love and relationships¬†today. I’ve really enjoyed reading other’s posts, but I’ve realised they fall into a small number of categories: Valentine’s presents and tips on frugal and heartfelt gifts Sharing heartwarming personal relationship stories (I love to hear these) Hints and suggestions for managing […]

My lazy way and tax efficient way to invest

So, in order to pursue my dreams of early retirement and financial independence, I invest my money. I’m a lazy investor. Therefore I invest in index trackers, according to my chosen asset allocation. You can make investing as easy or as complex as you like, I much prefer the simple approach. Funds and Platforms Things […]