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10 Podcasts I love – and some exciting news

Eclectic, quirky or just weird are the usual words used to describe my taste. And my taste in podcasts is no exception. I’ve written before about being a late adopter of podcasts – nowadays I think I am what you would call an addict. They fit so nicely into my life and allow me to multi-task when doing activities such as walking and running.

However, like the world today, my podcasts have become polarised in two distinct tribes. Some podcasts have become background noise.  I don’t hang on their every word or need to think about them. They can play when I’m working or doing active activities.

In the other camp, there are the podcasts I love. Podcasts that I love listening to as soon as a new episode comes out, and then spend time contemplating afterwards. These have real meaning and the power to influence me in the future.

Today I share 10 podcasts I love and I’ve also some exciting news to share with you all.

1 – FIRE Drill Podcast

Gwen and J are two millennial friends pursuing financial independence. On their podcast, they showcase different perspectives as they interview a wide range of guests on side hustles, real estate and early retirement. A US-based financial independence podcast with a wide array of interviewees.

They bring so much enthusiasm and knowledge into the show and are genuinely fascinated by their guests. Additional they happily share their personal journeys, successes and failures, and what motivates them to hustle so hard.

2 – Fairer Cents

Kara and Tanya bring us a feminist view of money in the US. They cover some fascinating and very nuanced complex topics – such as the Beauty Tax and its implication on inequality and the gender pay gap. All the topics covered are heavily researched and backed up by facts and figures – the standards are very high indeed.

But they go beyond the fact into the meanings, perceptions and reality of life for women. Their lived experiences come through, along with their progressive views and strong approach to advocacy.

3 – Choose FI

Inspiring a cult-like following Choose FI is a very popular US-based financial independence podcast. Brad and Jonathon are very personable and knowledgeable about US personal finances. Additionally, they are travel hacking experts.

And truth be told – I assumed Brad and Jonathon were a gay couple and was kinda upset when I realised they were just plain old straight white men.

4 – HAGS

Which nicely brings us on to the feminist glory of HAGS. A masterpiece.

Despite living such a different life from Nicole and Riley I so relate to these ladies on so many levels. They just get everything perfectly; and I love this idea that ladies in the acting business in LA have the same experiences as I do working in London.

5 – Freakanomics

Freakonomics is a classic economics podcast for a reason. It’s good. From the place where Lady Doritos were proposed to serious interviews with high ranking economists – this is a goldmine.

Finding the nuances and interesting anecdotes in our capitalist society makes great listening matter. Listening broadens your mind and distils knowledge.

6 – The Tim Ferris Show

What can I say about Tim? He’s certainly a Marmite character. If, like me, you love the idea of living life as a series of experiments you’ll love it. If you think that’s weird, I’d give him a miss.

Tim is a serial tech entrepreneur, previously of silicon valley but nowadays found in the next big tech scene in Austin, Texas. His long-form podcast interviews world-class players. And the variety of guests is astounding – yet they all share some characteristics in being extremely determined and very very motivated to succeed.

7 – Happier with Gretchen RubinHappier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen and her sister Liz offer weekly tips on happiness and living the life that makes you happy. They undertake regular challenges to improve their lives such as “wearing clothes” which are hilarious and heartwarming to listen to.

I love the creative LA approach Liz brings and contrasts with Gretchen’s NYC life. You can see the sisters differ a lot, yet are also drawn together. And their insight into people, in particular, the differences between us is insightful.

8 – The Gender KnotGender Knot Podcast

Hosted by two hosts either side of the pond in London and NYC this show aims to dissect modern gender issues. It’s very personal and insightful – with female and male perspectives offered on issues.

Concepts such as masculinity and feminist are explored – with Nas often challenging the centre-ing of men by feminist critics. Another podcast where nuances are brought out and I feel like she really understands my life!

9 – On Being

On Being

The deepest of my choices is Krista Tippet’s On Being. A podcast where she explores what it means to be human in the modern world.

The guests are wide-ranging experts in their fields, who bring different perspectives to the table. The human issues discussed are always deep and perplexing – yet Krista and her guests make them accessible to laymen like me.

10 – The Guilty FeministGuilty feminist podcast

And lastly the most lighthearted of my choices – Deborah Frances White is absolutely hilarious in this comedy podcast. How can you not love a show that opens with feminist confessions on how the panel have failed the sisterhood?

From her experiences growing up down under in the Jehovahs’s witnesses to her time nannying in London, she is always on point. Her feminist critique is superb, and she cracks me up all the time.

And some news


What you might have realised from the above is that my consumption tends towards US-based podcasts. Whereas I live in London (and love it too), so what is causing my listening habits to skew more America? Simply put, availability. It’s not that I have not looked for UK based podcasts, it’s just they are rather fewer in numbers.

And the one big omission? In the UK financial independence space, where there are currently no podcasts. Given UK personal finance has its own unique set of rules and tax code this like a gaping space that is crying out to be filled. A niche waiting to be populated.

Henceforth I introduce you to UK FI Pod a new UK financial independence podcast that I am starting. The podcast aims to launch in late summer 2018 and will feature interviews with diverse people in the FI space. I have a great roster of interviewees lined up and I’m looking forward to getting things moving. And working on my telephone voice.

If you are interested in being interviewed or want to collaborate on the podcast – please reach out. And if you want to know when we release – you can join the mailing list or follow on twitter.

Over to you

  • What are your thoughts?
  • Are you a podcast listener?
  • What are your must listens?


Thank you for reading – please leave a comment below and join in the conversation. You can also connect on Twitter or contact me privately.


47 comments on “10 Podcasts I love – and some exciting news

  1. I’ve started listening to Meaning Money ( who is UK based. Not sure if you hadn’t seen that one, or if your criteria was strictly FIRE based, rather than money and finances. (As I said, I’ve only listened to a few episodes, and they don’t talk about FIRE, but they are discussing all the stuff one requires to get there!)

    You linked to a few new-to-me podcast, so thanks! I’ve added Happier to my list and may come back for one or two of the others!

    Looking forward to UK FI Pod. 🙂

    1. Hi Laura, lovely to hear from you. I hadn’t heard of that podcasts, had a look and it’s not right for my demographic, but i can see it being useful for others.
      And thanks for your kind words on UK FI pod!

  2. Yes! I’m so pleased you’re starting a podcast and I can’t wait to listen! This list looks like my podcast playlist too, my only additions are Afford Anything and a couple of health related ones – The Model Health Show and Feel Better, Live More. There are a couple of UK finance podcasts but they are not pitched at FI and I don’t love the style of the presenters. I tried Money to the Masses and The Meaningful Money Podcast but they didn’t last long! I also like the Northern Power Women podcast which you might enjoy even though you’re based on London. Keep us updated on your progress 😊

    1. Yes. I was too polite to put those rants in the post above, but I do agree the UK finance offerings are poor. It’s far too male-dominated and to be honest seem to me right wing. Moreover, they never cover the more nuanced side and don’t seem to have a social conscious. I didn’t last long with them either!

      1. Wow – Right wing? I’d be interested to know why you think my podcast (MeaningfulMoney) is right-wing! Especially as in an earlier comment it sounded like you looked at the episode listing but didn’t listen. Genuinely interested to know how you (incorrectly) gleaned my political leaning and discerned it to be ‘poor’ without listening.

        I do wish you every success with your podcast – I’ll be listening with interest because you’re right, there isn’t anything catering to the UK FI community directly.

        1. Hi Pete – thanks for visiting and even reading the comments!

          I’m pretty sure I stated I had not listened to your podcast and that I felt the canon as a whole was male voiced and right winged. To be honest with you, I’d class a podcast as right wing if it’s a lead generator for a business – which I think yours falls into this category.

          1. HI Ms ZiYou

            Thanks for the clarification. I realise you may not believe this, but I never set out with the MeaningfulMoney podcast, or the 300 videos I created before that, to create a lead-generator. It was in fact to scratch an itch to serve the everyday folks who were disenfranchised by the Retail Distribution Review – not exactly a right-wing thing to do! I’m convince that most people don’t need to pay an adviser, despite being one myself. MeaningfulMoney helps those who want to help themselves, and for those who need or want more help, I’m here to serve in my capitalist way!

            Yes, the content I produce leads to a vast number of new enquiries – I lead the financial planning space in this regard, again more by accident than design.

            Anyway; no harm done. I applaud your efforts in starting a podcast. It’s a mammoth task but extremely rewarding. I wish you well – I will be listening!

            Cheers, Pete

  3. I’ve never listened to podcasts but will make yours my first . Sorry for being luddite but i guess i can download them to my phone snd listen on headphones /Bluetooth i the car ?

    1. Hi FBA. Luddites are welcomed. There are apps that make it easier – I like stitcher (I’m an Android person). You can stream them or download to listen later.

      1. I am also Android I saw you mentioned castbox too so have downloaded this but will look at stitcher

        Look forward to hearing the stories.

        Keep debating whether to start a blog myself but unsure if i have the self discipline to think up content though i used to love writing and feel i communicate ok

        1. You know what FBA? I think you are an excellent candidate for a blog – they are quick and easy to set up – a low barrier of entry. Please let us know when you start it.

          1. I’ll do some research. Any good site about what’s involved ? And (you may or may not agree with this ) how to monetise it ?

          2. I don’t have any links – but there are loads of guides online on how to set it up and monetise. Ads and or affiliates seem to be the big ways people bring in the big bucks initially. Then moving into virtual products and guides. Good luck!

  4. Yay, this is very exciting news! I’m a total podcast addict myself, but of the 10 or so I listen to on a regular basis, all of them are US-based. So you’re filling an important gap, and definitely have a future eager listener!

  5. Wow, what an awesome project. Good luck with it. I think it will be great.
    I’m not a huge fan of Podcasts. It takes too much time. I listen to some when I exercise and that’s the only time I have to enjoy them. I don’t like Freakanomics and the Tim Ferris show for some reason.
    My favorites money podcast is Planet money. Check it out if you haven’t tried.

  6. Like @FBA, I’m not into my podcasts but that’s because I haven’t found one I really want to listen to regularly, aside from Freakonomics (I’m a huge fan of their books so drifted to their podcast). I will check out some of the ones on your list.

    Looking forward to listening to your UK one…good luck!

    And I too agree that @FBA could set up an awesome blog!

    1. I do remember reading the Freakonomics book ages ago – cool read.

      Thanks Weenie on the podcast – indeed I’m looking forward to it!

      And I’m waiting for @FBA’s blog now – it would be awesome!

      1. Lol no pressure. Need to think of a name as Fatbritabroad is just a handle I used for a trip advisor post that stuck. I’m not abroad or more than slightly portly lol

        Considering fatbritfi or fi-romaniac if they’re not taken yet as I’m slightly obsessive

        Maybe I could be sn interview or guest post zi if you don’t mind a male right wing voice 😉. I actually have no idea whether I count as right wing or not tbh but white male high earner I expect I am lol

        1. No pressure – but I prefer fi-romaniac – and looking forward to reading your new blog in the coming few months.

          If you fancy a podcast interview that would be awesome – will drop you a mail.

          1. FI-romaniac is a brilliant name! 🙂

            Always love a new podcast recc, will check some of these out thanks Ms Z!

            I’ve been listening to reasons to be cheerful with Ed Miliband and some other dude, not sure if it’s your sort of thing but is a bit lefty I guess and they are actually quite amusing. Never thought I’d say that about a politician!

            Looking forward to being on the FI pod!


  7. Hey!
    Looking forward to the launch of this podcast.
    Would love to collaborate / be interviewed if you want.

    Either way, my answers to your questions below:

    – What are your thoughts?
    Sounds great, will probably be different to what I listen to now.

    – Are you a podcast listener?
    I listen to many podcasts for about 2 – 4 hours per day. Mainly during my commute, while I get ready for work in the morning and my regular runs around my local park.

    – What are your must listens?
    I have 21 in my list but here are my top 5 in no particular order:
    1. The Dave Ramsey Show (for entertainment value!)
    2. Money to the masses (for some sound consumer advice)
    3. The disruptive entrepreneur (for some business related advice)
    4. Maven Money (financial advice from a chartered financial planner)
    5. The blogging millionaire (for blogging tips to help my blog).

    Have you listened to any of these?

    1. Hey Leon – thanks for your comments – and wow, you are a keen podcast listener. Keen to get you on the podcast – have sent you an email.

      I would never listen to Dave Ramsey, not even for entertainment value!

      And did you know your top 5 are all male fronted podcasts?

  8. I’m also a podcast addict – I honestly don’t know what I did before I discovered them. I’m a big fan of The Fire drill and Choose FI and I’ve also learned a lot from Pete’s Meaningful Money podcast over the years.
    Outside of finance I’ve recently discovered Happy Place and Walking the Dog which feature interviews with some really interesting people and the classic Desert Island Discs will always have a place in my feed.

    Looking forward to UK FI pod 🙂

  9. Yay! I’m really looking forward to your podcast! I don’t listen to podcasts normally, but I love your blog so I’m totally into checking it out. Also, I managed to get a stock and share ISA account, but for the moment, I have my small amounts in cash because a) I don’t know what to do with it; b) I don’t know what the market is about to do, and c) I don’t know how long my investment horizon is. Maybe something to talk about on the podcast?

    1. Hi Scanty Lifestyle – thanks for your words of encouragement about the podcast.

      And thanks for a great question to discuss on the podcast – when to invest or keep funds in cash.

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