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The Caribbean, yet more Europe and the holiday I didn’t pay for – Countries 28 – 31

When I was growing up the most exotic and exclusive place you could go on your holidays was the Caribbean. The weather was awesome compared to the UK, there are beaches galore and a relaxing chilled way of life. The long flight and expensive resorts made it a pricey holiday and which I struggled to justify paying for.

However, late in my twenties, I got to experience two Caribbean islands. And the first one I didn’t have to pay for. Yes, I got a free all-inclusive trip to a lovely resort in Barbados. And it was such a great experience it encouraged me to hunt down a bargain trip to Cuba and pay for it myself.


Ms ZYou

My main enduring memory of going to Barbados was mojitos. I have always been partial to the odd mojito, but in Barbados, they became my regular drink. As soon as I arrived, I put on my swimwear, lashings of sunscreen and made my way down to the pool bar. And ordered a mojito.

It was my first trip to the Caribbean and wow – I loved it. Everything looked so picture postcard tropical, from the beaches to the shacks. I felt I was experiencing a different way of living and it was so laid back. The sun beat down on us mixed in with the odd, very short tropical storm. And the plants and foliage were out of this world – tropical plants in their natural habit are stunning.

Now I’m sure you want to know why I didn’t pay for this trip. The reason this trip was free was simple – it was my Dad’s wedding. And I got to share a room with my brother and step-brother. Instead of having a big UK wedding, they opted for a beach wedding and took us kids with them. And it was an awesome wedding in such a stunning location.

Ms ZiYou Barbados Rock

Now my brother is on the adventurous side. He insisted on driving which was interesting and rather hair-raising shall we say. I became the worst sort of backseat driver as we wound around the countryside and saw the sugar plantations all around. Moreover, when we saw this rather cool rock in the sea – he had to climb it. Then I realised how people with kids feel.

In summary, the beach wedding was awesome and Barbados was such an awesome place to visit – the perfect introduction to the Caribbean for me.


Ms ZiYou Cuba

After my freebie trip to the Caribbean, I decided it was worth it to shell out for one on my own. Cuba has always appealed to me, from the old cars to the beauty in the decayed buildings. And the Castro regime seemed really foreign, hence I was keen to visit before he died.

Cuba turned out to be as interesting as I expected. Mojitos were drunk by the caseload and lots of books were read. However, the real pleasure was visiting Havana – such a fascinating and majestic city.

I was impressed with how normal some aspects of city life were yet how alien some aspects were. The tour guides were very on the message, explaining to us how everyone loved the Castros and how Raul was voted in. We tried not to stare in disbelief and be as polite as possible, but the indoctrination was scary. It gave us a real insight into how one must obey the Castro line to live in Cuba. And as someone from a free country, that was really, really scary.


Ms ZiYou Vilnius

I love random weekends away especially when they are bargains. So when some cheap flights came up, I made the trip over to Vilnius for a weekend. And wow, Vilnius is such a gorgeous place. Everything and all the buildings were picture postcard perfect. It was like a magical step back in time, you imagine it hasn’t changed for hundreds of years.

Moreover, it was ridiculously affordable. I hardly managed to spend any money, despite doing everything I wanted and more. I went to the opera – which in itself was an amazing experience. And I delighted in the offerings at the bar – which were much more chocolate focused than alcohol-focused. They did make me think why are we so alcohol-focused to have a good time here?


Ms ZiYou Ibsen

My enduring memory of Norway and Oslo is my second favourite playwright, Ibsen. By a long way, the best bit of Oslo was seeing Ibsen’s apartment. I am such an Ibsen lover, I spent so long reading everything in the museum even the staff started to give me looks.

However, I am a natural early riser, and even in central Oslo is appears no one else is. At 9 am I struggled to find an open coffee shop. It was a Sunday, but come on? So I wondered lonely around the city and reluctantly drunk my takeaway 7-11 coffee, the only open place I could find.

Moreover, I think the cities aren’t what makes Norway amazing –  I loved visiting the parks just outside Oslo and walking around admiring the views. The journey from the airport was also lovely – pine forests abounded and scenic vistas abounded. Next time I visit Norway, I will visit much more of the countryside.

Ms ZiYou Norway Museum

After the Ibsen museum, I stumbled upon another gem. An open-air historical museum, with absolutely loads of buildings. This was an absolute goldmine and right up my street. I love buildings and architecture, and in true geek format, I wandered for hours. Moreover, travelling solo has benefits beyond the freedom to roam. In one of the buildings, a staff member was cooking pancakes traditional style. Guess who got the single pancake she was making? Yes, this single lady. It was yummy.

Beyond the amazing Stave church and traditional buildings, was a city apartment block. Each floor was furnished in different styles from differing eras – and it was amazing. I spent ages in the building – and imagined Nora living on one of the floors.

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8 comments on “The Caribbean, yet more Europe and the holiday I didn’t pay for – Countries 28 – 31

  1. I agree, Cuba’s an amazing place. I found that staying in people’s houses gave us a real opportunity to learn about how life in Cuba really worked. People generally started to open up after an hour or two once they worked out that you were genuine and not some kind of government spy 😉

  2. Ibsen’s apartment? Wow.
    Last week I went to see a play at the MTC – ‘A Doll’s House Part 2’. It’s set 15 years after the ending of the original play, when Nora comes back to ask for a divorce. It was excellent.

  3. Great trips. That’s the advantage of living in Europe. You can take short flights and experience a completely different culture. I’d love to explore the Caribbean more. We’ve been to Jamaica once and that was it. It’s a long trip from the US west coast.

    1. Indeed – I do love being able to explore so easily due to the EU and budget flights – it has been epic. Let’s hope it continues.

      And yes, the Caribbean is such a long trip – luckily we have direct flights which make it much more bearable.

  4. The only times I’ve been to the Caribbean have been riding on my parents’ coattails as well 😉 I definitely enjoyed the trips, but I have to be honest that the area hasn’t been highest on my list for a return trip. That’s more because I want to focus on heading to new places than a disinterest to go back though. Now Cuba, I would love to visit sometime soon.

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