Hi everyone, I’m Ms ZiYou, and here is my UK personal finance blog. I share my thoughts and personal development as I work towards financial independence, and early retirement at the age of 40. I’m sure you can agree there are loads of cool male married FIRE bloggers in the cult.┬áBut to make the movement representative, I feel we need more women and single people out there making some noise. I want to raise the visibility of diverse bloggers and together challenge the male engineer stereotype (although I do program, if that can be forgiven).

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This blog will obviously cover money, looking into the UK personal finance news and sharing my personal situation. As I’ve decided to remain anonymous, I can share real life numbers with you. More importantly, I also want to focus on the softer side of finding fulfillment. As I strive to live a happy and contented life; and comment on my hobbies, interests and thoughts on the economy and society we live in. You can start reading my blog now.


Enjoying the journey,

Ms ZiYou